Custom Facebook Audiences

Once you start messing with custom audiences for your Facebook ads, you will be amazed at the amount of people you are reaching, because you are focusing on who is actually interested in your market. It is worth the time and it is worth the money you put into doing this, and if you do it correctly, you will end up making a lot more money than what you’re actually spending on your campaign.

Facebook Pixels

Facebook pixels are just as important as the ad you are running. It is very easy to set up, and allows you to basically put a tracking device on everyone that is on your website. But don’t get caught up with that aspect, you really want to dig deeper and see what activity customers did on your website and keep that in mind so you can start retargeting the customers that need to be retargeted. Once you have started this process, you will see how quickly this helps you maintain your customers and potentially gain new ones.