There’s No Silver Bullet for Landing Pages

What's the secret to a successful landing page?

I wish I could tell you that if you snap your fingers your landing page will be more successful, but unfortunately, I can’t. What I can tell you, as a marketer, are some best practices I have picked up on that will work for you as a business owner when trying to create your landing page. 

Landing Page Best Practices

1. Keep navigation limited on your landing page.

When people get to your landing page, you want to limit the navigation that’s there. We don’t want across the top – “Home, portfolio, book now,” none of that should be there. It’s distracting. Don’t let them wander away to another page – the action you want them to take should be the only thing they can do on this page. 

2. Encourage social sharing.

Have social share buttons on your landing page so users can share your offer, your course, your download – whatever you’re offering – with their networks. You should have, at minimum, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and possibly Linkedin. This is a great way to drive organic (and free) traffic to your page.

3. Keep your page short and sweet.

This is super important and where it really comes into play is when you look at your page on mobile. I shouldn’t have a page that’s a mile long where you have to scroll and scroll and scroll. Keep it simple, concise and compact.

4. Test, adjust, repeat.

Even following all these best practices, what may work for one business or product may not work for the other. This isn’t something you can set and forget. You need to be monitoring results and adjusting to get the best conversion possible. That’s how we’ve got to work it.

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