Crafting Your Call to Action

What do you want? And why do I want it?

When you’re creating your landing page, you’ve got to spend time crafting a nice call to action that establishes urgency. It’s this simple: What do you want from them? And if I’m the consumer, why do I want it from you?

Pro Tips:
Make sure your page is mobile friendly. If you have a form, only ask for must-have info. Eliminate as many unneeded fields as you can. Continuously test to see what works and what doesn't.

Focus on the benefits.

When you are writing copy for your landing page, focus on the benefits. Do not focus on the things that are wrong. This is a mistake I see people make all the time.

For example, let’s take the free session (it can be engagements, seniors, families, whatever). What am I getting? You get a free session and a free 11 x 16 print. What you should not do is put all over your page, “does not include digital files, does not include, does not include, does not include.” Why are you focusing on what I don’t get? This isn’t just Sal’s Marketing; show me any store in the world where you go in and they focus on what you don’t get. I’ve never seen a marketer do that – so don’t adopt that strategy in your advertising.

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