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Shooting Clean Headshots

Headshots represent that person’s company and brand. Most business professionals want to keep it clean. Don’t overcomplicate things. Sal gives you some pointers on how he shoots successful headshots that clients will make clients happy.

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Keep Headshot Session Fees Simple

Session fees are going to be different for headshots. You are delivering a digital file – essentially shooting and burning! Doctors, lawyers, etc. don’t have time for IPS. They are busy! Keep session fees as basic as possible. Sal explains what you should deliver and how much you should charge.

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How to Find A Good Bridal Show

You have to use your time wisely and go to the bridal shows that will give you the results you want. What time of the year should you go? How many attendees is a good number? Sal has the answers.

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Sometimes, you are not your own client. Can you still sell photography at a price you wouldn't pay?

Value The Business You Are In

Sometimes, you are not your own client. Just because you wouldn’t spend big money on a wedding shoot doesn’t mean your client wouldn’t. You need to get over that to be successful in the photography industry. Don’t be afraid to ask for big sales.

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Sales & Psychology Go Hand-In-Hand

Photographers: you are selling an impulse purchase. Emotion is involved. What is triggering clients to purchase? Sal gives some examples of brands who have considered the psychology of their clients and marketed accordingly and how you can do this in your business.

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How to Target Brand-Aware Clients

Sal shows you how you can target your marketing to clients who are brand aware. Don’t waste your time on clients who don’t care. Identify a signature style of photography and marketing and keep them coming.

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