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Don't Look Cheap! Choosing the Right Session Fee

Don’t Look Cheap! Choosing the Right Session Fee

In this clip, Sal discusses choosing the right session fee. He discusses choosing a fee according to what the market will bear. He explains that a session fee is a qualifier and a good way to vet the right client. He gives an example of a good starting fee and shows how Salvatore Cincotta Photography has adjusted and changed their fee.

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Everyone Has Money for What They Want

Here’s the bottom line. Just because someone has money doesn’t mean they’re your client. And just because someone is broke doesn’t mean they’re not your client. Everyone spends their money on the things they value. The trick is connecting with the people that value your products and services.

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Price Sensitivity & Elasticity

One of the basic building blocks of pricing is price elasticity. As a photographer, you have to understand the market you’re playing in and how that affects your ability to raise and lower prices. In this video, Sal dives in to what price elasticity means and how you can leverage it in your business.

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Pricing: Keep It Simple, Stupid

When it comes to your pricing and packages, the most important thing you can do is keep it simple. In this video, Sal covers the ideal number of packages, basics of pull-through, and how to get clients out of the base package and in to the top.

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The More Reviews the Better

You need to encourage your customers to leave reviews. Give your customers a voice, let them have the chance to comment on how they felt their experience was. Most likely, you will get positive feedback (if you’re running your business correctly), but every so often when those negative reviews show up, they will get lost in all the positive ones.

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How To Avoid Bad Reviews

Here Sal dives into how to avoid bad reviews from the start. It all centers around managing expectations. If you can manage your clients’ expectations, you will stop 90% of bad reviews from happening in the first place. Figure out what the pain points in your customer journey are, and build a process for clear communication around those pain points.

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Blueprint For A Successful Marketing Campaign

Here is a step-by-step overview of Sal’s senior campaign ad and the 17hats workflow that follows. The customer enters their email on the landing page, it’s sent to 17hats, and it’s all automated from there. It’s super easy, super quick and a good way to make sure you aren’t wasting any time that could be spent marketing to other potential customers.

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