Running ads on Facebook? Install this first.

A Facebook pixel is just as important as the ad you’re running. This is the code you put on your website. It’s super easy and it is shocking to see how many people don’t take advantage of this.

A Facebook pixel allows you to track where your customers are when they are on your site. Now, this is important because it’s not enough to simply know they came to your site. With this feature, you have the ability to know so much more about the activity that’s taking place. You can track if a customer went into your shopping cart, or if they went to a sign up page but didn’t sign up, and more. By knowing this information, you can understand exactly who to target with what specific type of ad.

By installing this pixel, you have the opportunity to measure conversions; but more importantly, the opportunity to re-target people. If you are not re-targeting people, your ads are not going to perform as well.

Now, the trick to all of this is to make sure you install the Facebook pixel helper extension on Google Chrome. Do not forget to install this. This extension shows you what events are firing and what pages are being viewed. It also provides reports on analytics.

Are your competitors doing it?

Here’s a little test: Go to your competitors’ websites using the Facebook pixel helper and watch how many of your competitors are not using Facebook pixels. This is a huge competitive advantage for you. There are a lot of businesses who are not using it; and odds are, if they are using it, they aren’t doing it right. This is your chance to do it right.

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