How To Avoid Bad Reviews

How do we avoid negative reviews?

That’s the million dollar question. Specifically for photographers, it’s about managing customer expectations throughout the process. This applies to many different professions, not just photography. If clients come to the team and expect an unrealistic timeframe for when they’ll get their photos, albums, etc., back then of course they’ll be unsatisfied. So, don’t let this happen. Lay out everything the client can expect so in the end, they will leave your business with nothing but great things to say.

What Team Cincotta started doing is this: they added an email to their 17hats (CRM system) workflow on when to expect images, albums, etc. that gets sent to every client. “Your prints will be ready in two weeks, your initial album design will take up to six weeks from the time your images are received, your album final delivery will be four to six weeks once the final album has been approved,” etc. Outlining exactly what to expect and being honest about it saves their asses. 

There are no customer satisfaction issues, because this gets addressed by setting expectations and reminding clients of those turn times throughout the process.

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1 thought on “How To Avoid Bad Reviews”

  1. I would love to see copy that we could use for emails to clients asking for reviews. Although the concept seems simple, sometimes I find it doesn’t yield any movement on the other end. As you can imagine, it is frustrating when you need it and you can’t demand they complete it, even though they are happy with your services. Thank you!


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