Bad Reviews: Dealing With The Inevitable

What do you do when you get a negative review online?

Here is an inside look at how Sal and his team deal with negative reviews. Sal does not subscribe to the motto of, “The customer is always right.”The customer is not always right. A lot of times, the customer is straight up wrong. They’re just trying to work you. The difference here is, if you or your company did screw something up to deserve a negative review from a customer, even if you just kind of screwed it up, you have to yield. There’s nothing to gain from fighting it; that will just cost money and give you headaches. But if you truly believe a customer is trying to take advantage of you with their negative review, then fight it. You need to figure out where the problem is before dealing with the negative review.

How do you make it right?

So, what to do if you get a bad review? Try and fix it. Ask for it to be removed. Ask them what you need to do to make it right and get them to remove that review. That’s a fair question, right? 

If they don’t want to remove the review, respond to it with facts. Don’t provoke a new response. Don’t do stupid shit like, “Yeah, Susie’s kids are stupid and the kid wouldn’t listen, and got cream cheese on my camera, and that’s why I didn’t deliver their pictures for three months.” You’re just making excuses. Instead, reply with a cordial response, “So sorry Susie had this experience with our business. We take all complaints seriously. We are working to rectify this. Here’s what we’re doing to rectify the situation.”

Boom. Get that posted. Why? Because you’re showing potential clients that you care. You’re showing them that you’re involved. You’re letting people know that if they do post something stupid, you are, in fact, going to respond. This is very, very important for the reputation of you and your business. Learn how to deal with the negative comments the correct way, and it will all work out in the end.

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