The More Reviews the Better

Make reviews part of your workflow.

One thing you should make a part of your CRM’s workflow is encouraging your customers to leave reviews. You have two good platform options to pick from, 17hats (through questionnaires) or Survey Monkey. This is a part of Team Cincotta’s workflow; clients get an automated email asking them to leave a review. This is going to open your eyes. If your customers aren’t happy, you’ll realize it before it ever goes public. It’s going to come back to you as a problem to solve.

Pro Tip:
This is a good thing for your business, not a bad thing. In fact, the more good reviews that you get the more they start drowning out the bad reviews, which if you're not asking for good reviews, you're only going to get bad reviews.

The best way to deal with bad reviews is to get more good reviews. It has to be part of your process. Control your own destiny By asking for reviews, not wishing for them, the more likely it is that good reviews will come your way.

All in all, depending on how you choose to view bad reviews, they could make the good reviews look better. People aren’t dumb, they know businesses don’t have 100% customer satisfaction, that’s unheard of. People want to see the negative reviews and judge for themselves if it’s something they care to worry about.

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