Make It Easy to Say Yes

Make it easy for your client to say yes. Sal repeatedly sees all of you making the mistake of making things too complicated for your clients. What are some ways you can make it easy for them?


Avoid emails with too many words. Stop word vomiting in your emails. Get to your point. Think about you as the consumer. Sal wants you to ask yourself, as a consumer, when an email hits your inbox, do you want to read a bunch of words? Or are you scanning your emails? Everyone does it, we scan our emails for the most important, appealing information. Think like a consumer on how to avoid your emails getting overlooked. Use size, font weight, italics, all of those techniques to draw the viewer’s attention to what you want them to see. Make big what’s important and let them go to your landing page for more information. Keep it simple.


Sal see ads that make no sense all of the time. For example, you are running an ad, but it’s not clear what the ad is even for. You may use copy like “Want better pictures?” Sal understands that you are just trying to be clever, but sometimes we are not as funny as we think. Make sure that your ad is going to resonate with your audience. Sal suggests polling some people. Poll some friends, poll some family, and don’t get all butt-hurt when they say they don’t get it. If they say they don’t get it, that’s a good sign your ad is not making sense. If they don’t get it, think of ways you can make them get it.

Multiple Ways to Respond

Sal says to give your clients multiple ways to respond. Just like email, phone, website, make it easy! Everybody’s different. For instance, like some people, Sal says you are going to have a hell of a time getting him on a phone call. He hates phone calls. He does not answer phone calls. In fact, when people leave him voice messages, He just deletes them. He doesn’t know that he has checked his voicemail in probably three or four years. He just doesn’t do it. You have got to understand that he doesn’t want to do business over the phone. He wants to do business over email. That’s his way of working. Some people don’t want to do email, they want to do it over text. Facebook is huge right now. Sal has had times when clients want to start having full blown business conversations over Facebook Messenger. This is yet another way that customers want to engage with you. You’ve got to learn what your customers are going to respond to and give them a way to engage in what works for them.

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