Follow THIS Pricing Format For EVERY Genre

Families? Babies? Seniors? Follow this pricing format.

In this video, Sal explains that no matter what genre you’re shooting, your pricing and packaging has to follow the same format. It’s all the same, no matter whether you are shooting baby sessions, family sessions, senior sessions, weddings, etc. Even if every time you’re looking at it, you want to convince yourself it’s different, Sal says it’s really not.

Three packages

You should have three packages: small, medium, large. A la carte doesn’t change. If you’re asking yourself, “Well, what about beauty?” Sal affirms it is the same shit. Small package, medium package, large package. What’s in your large package? That’s where you can customize the package. A beauty client is not going to put a 30×40 framed acrylic on their wall. Sure, there may be that one-off client that is super into themselves and wants everybody to see a picture of their ass or their boobs or whatever they’re putting on the wall, or maybe you got the perfect dudeoir client who wants to sit there with a cowboy hat over his junk. Sal emphasizes that 95% of beauty or boudoir clients are not going to do that. So when you’re putting together your packages, ask yourself, what becomes the product that you’re going to sell them in the black label, the large package? An album?

Sal offers some examples of what you could include in your package. He says that something like a 12×12 leather album may be something you want to include in your top package. For your boudoir clients, maybe a wooden box printed with “For Your Eyes Only”? Sal wants you to try to do something clever and unique.

Pro Tip:
When you're putting together your packages, ask yourself: What becomes the pull-through product that you're going to sell them in the black label, the large package?

Sal says you just have to come up with these products. Think about what you can offer in your small package. What can you do to bump it up for your medium? For your large? No matter what, it is small, medium, and large. Keep that in mind. Don’t overcomplicate this and make it different. It’s not different. It’s all the same.

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