Blueprint For A Successful Marketing Campaign

See a campaign workflow from landing page to scheduling.

Here Sal explains the process of running a 50% off session fees ad campaign. There is a specific landing page made for this campaign that all five ads in this campaign drive to. The booking form on the bottom of the landing page is only asking for information that is necessary for this sale. The more fields you add, the lower your conversion rate will be. 

The offer and the value is spelled out in black and white. Book your session today, save 50%. The sale price is $149. What you don’t want to have happen is clients reach out to you, asking for more information on what is being offered. You want them reaching out to you because they want to give you business.

The headline of this page says “Senior Portraits Don’t Have to Suck”, which means the pictures on the page and the pictures that go along with the ads can’t suck. You have to make sure you’re sending a consistent message. Make sure your landing page is more visual than it is wordy. No one is going to take the time to read a big chunk of text. Include pictures, graphics, vary the size and weight of the text; do anything you can that will catch the attention of potential customers.

So the customer enters their email. Now what? This is where 17hats comes into play. 17hats is a CRM (customer relationship management) tool and if you don’t have it already, it’s definitely worth investing the time to get it set up.

Once a customer fills out the form at the bottom of the landing page, 17hats automatically sends out an email. It can be personalized as much as you need or want it to be. Ours says: “Thank you for your interest in Salvatore Cincotta Photography. To book your session please accept the quote, sign the model release and pay the 50% off session fee. As soon as this is complete, Alissa [a team member] will reach out to you with available date options to schedule your session. Please let us know if you have any questions.” They’re going to click on the email, see the quote priced at $149 (the discounted price), and after they accept the quote, they’ll see the model release that needs to be signed before the shoot can happen. This entire process is completely automated by 17hats.

After they pay their invoice, they get an email from the team to schedule their appointment. You can use 17hats scheduling, an online scheduling app, or whatever works for your business. Salvatore Cincotta Photography takes a more personalized approach. Alissa sends them some dates and times in an email, and she’s also working with the customer on shoot ideas, wardrobe ideas, dresses, etc. at the same time. Remember, to sell this fashion experience, we have to make sure we are giving the kids something they’re going to be excited for. This is part of that high-end, high-touch experience.

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