Family Sessions: Shooting for the Sale

  • Sal’s 2021 family pricing & packaging
  • When is the time to market family portraits?
  • Two different session fee models and the pros and cons of each
  • Must-have shot list for any family session for bigger sales
  • Mini-sessions vs short sessions
  • Do your family clients come in every year? And if so, do you see that 3k sale from the same families each year?
  • Do you guys schedule every session at a single location so you don’t have to travel around? Especially w/ 5-7 booked in a day?
  • what happens if one of those days is a rainout? how difficult is it to reschedule those 5-7 sessions?
  • For your “whale” clients, would you schedule a separate day for them to make sure they get something unique?
  • Free sessions for vendors
  • Family gallery example

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