Closing the Sale

EVERYTHING you say – and don’t say – matters during sales. Sal covers ways to close the sale, from subtle ways before and during the shoot to asking for money at the sales sessions.
  • The different facets to closing the sale: pre-booking, during the shoot, and in the sales session
  • The importance of sending pricing two weeks before the sales session
  • How Sal primes clients for the sale
  • How to present the price list during the sales session
  • When to send free session winners pricing
  • How does the sales process change with remote/Dual-Vu sales?
  • When to review prices during the sales session
  • Upselling free/charity winners
  • Being confident in yourself and your process
  • Being the trusted advisor
  • How to ask for the money at the end of a sales session without any awkwardness

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