Spring Headshots

Tips for making headshots and commercial work a larger part of your business and an action plan for marketing and advertising.
  • Recap of the opportunity in headshots
  • Recap of Sal’s headshots subdomain
  • Shooting in studio vs on location
  • What type of images headshot clients get: full res, web res, full color, black & white
  • Pricing for headshots
  • Licensing headshots vs commercial images
  • What if someone gets a headshot then wants to use the image commercially?
  • PLUS system for licensing
  • How do we go after headshots this spring?
  • Direct mail
  • Facebook campaigns
  • Billboards
  • Targeting everyone for headshots vs. specific industries (doctors, lawyers, real estate agents)
  • Working with your local chamber of commerce – headshot refresh
  • Potential headshot marketing campaigns
  • Using headshots as a gateway drug for more commercial work
  • An action plan to execute now
  • Workflow for shooting headshots

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