Open Q&A: Episode 2

You got questions, Sal has answers. This week Sal answers YOUR questions, on everything from finances to legal to seniors to editing.
  • When a senior influencer refers another, does that referral count towards their reward?
  • When someone books through a senior influencer, do they get any promotional offer?
  • Are you doing senior influencer interviews in-studio or over Zoom?
  • Furnishings and expenses you might not think about when getting into your first studio space
  • What kind of copy are you using in your senior Facebook Ads?
  • Are senior info magazines worth it? And how to turn them into something that is worth it.
  • Best method of keeping track of financials – 17hats, Excel spreadsheets, Quickbooks, etc.
  • How to structure multiple businesses: separate LLC vs one umbrella company and when to do each.
  • Editing workflows – Lightroom to Photoshop and back again
  • How to soft proof in Photoshop to check for banding.

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