Make More Money by Adding Video

This week, we’re talking video. Sal covers the opportunity in different genres, how he did wedding videos & photography at the same time, how he prices video, and some tips & tricks for getting started.
  • Where is the opportunity with video production?
  • What do you need to get started in video?
  • What equipment do you need? Cameras, lenses, stabilization, audio, etc.
  • How do you bundle it with weddings?
  • Sal’s pricing for video & wedding bundled
  • What do you do when people want the raw footage?
  • Challenges of offering wedding video
  • Editing: to outsource or not to outsource?
  • Turn times
  • Opportunities in other genres: how to produce & sell video for boudoir, seniors, families
  • Storytelling with video: tips & tricks
  • Gopros for video – vlogging, timelapses, etc.
  • How do you license music for video?

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