Building Your Senior Influencer Program in 2022

It’s time to start marketing your senior influencer program for the upcoming year!
  • Overview of the senior rep/influencer/ambassador program
  • The interview process: setting up interviews, accepting and rejecting influencers
  • What do influencers get?
  • Surveys and styling shoots
  • The experience
  • Timing of what to do and when to do it: shooting, marketing, selling
  • Setting ambassadors up for success with cards, posts, etc.
  • Streamlining the communication process
  • Marketing for first-time studios: how to get ambassadors
  • Marketing for established studios: how to grow ambassadors
  • Pricing & packaging
  • How many reps should you have?
  • Dealing with covid
  • What happens if they don’t hit their numbers?
  • Our posts and landing page for this year’s program

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