Boudoir: Part 2

This week we are wrapping up boudoir with part 2. This week Sal talks specifics on pricing, shooting, target audiences, vendor collaborations, and more.
  • Thinking outside the box: how can you stand out in the boudoir/beauty/glamour world?
  • HOW to target people with higher budgets for photography
  • Who is your target audience for boudoir/beauty/glamour?
  • Collaborating with vendors tied to life events: doctors, dentists, plastic surgeons
  • Facebook marketing: demographics to use for targeting brides & moms
  • Developing your website: separating your boudoir brand from your other genres
  • The importance of showing a variety of REAL people and body types on your site
  • Using lighting, editing, posing & locations to stand out
  • IPS vs. Real Time Selections for selling
  • The pricing sheet Sal used for Allure, his boudoir brand
  • Shooting for maximum diversity and better sales
  • Dealing with objections: digital negatives, don’t want large prints, don’t like pictures of myself, don’t have any money, etc.

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